We fight
for equality
in the workplace
We strive
to remedy
We're passionate
about equal pay
and opportunity
We're allies
we have
your back
We're experts
our experience
inspires confidence
We get the job done
so you can
do your job
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Put our experience to work for you. Gunn Coble Employment Lawyers Los Angeles California

Practice Areas

Put our experience to work for you

Wage Gaps and

Equal Pay

We are dedicated to eliminating the wage gap based on sex, race or ethnicity.

Wage and Hour

Class Actions

We leverage strength in numbers when a group of workers suffers wrong at the hands of their employer.

Discrimination and


Our mission is to eliminate bias in the workplace, no matter what form it takes.

Retaliation and


We champion employees who have demonstrated the courage and integrity to report wrongdoing in the workplace.

Expert Attorneys

Passionate. Prepared.

We stand ready to bring our substantial litigation experience to hold employers accountable for violating California employment law.