Wage and Hour
Class Actions

There is often power in numbers — when an employer violates the California Labor Code, it can take more than one person to stop the illegal behavior. We litigate class actions and other representative actions to ensure that employers pay their employees properly and treat them as the Labor Code demands. These claims can arise for the following failures:

  • Not paying equally for substantially similar work, creating gender or race/ethnicity wage gaps
  • Not properly paying all wages, including overtime and off-the-clock work
  • Not providing legally mandated meal, rest or other breaks
  • Not reimbursing necessary business expenses, such as cellphone or home computer/internet usage
  • Not following hours of work requirements
  • Not providing proper wage statements
  • Not providing required paid sick time

California’s wage orders and Labor Code provide many detailed requirements for employers to follow. When employers do not take those rules seriously, we bring class actions on behalf of the entire workforce to ensure that they receive the wages and working conditions they are entitled to under California law.