Words from our clients

Confidence, compassion, credentials, and a kick-ass attitude are what Beth and Cathy bring to your case. For them, equal employment law isn’t just a vocation, it is a mission, and that is clear in every interaction and communication with them.

They aren’t just fighting for you, they are fighting for a cause, which is equal treatment for women in the workplace. It is a cause they are passionate about and prepared to fight for.

They are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of employment law, and having spent careers working for employers, know all of the tricks that the other side uses and how to cut them off at the knees. I feel calm and full of confidence knowing such smart, talented and fearless lawyers are representing me.

— Samantha B.

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I was so incredibly lucky to find Gunn Coble. Beth and Cathy are extremely knowledgeable, creative and relentless advocates. They meticulously prepare and leave nothing to chance. They gave me the courage to stand up for myself and supported me every step of the way.

The other side always counts on making you feel intimidated but no chance with these two on your side. They are tough and smart!! They delivered results beyond my expectations. I have an enormous amount of respect for their work ethic and appreciation for their genuine care towards their clients.

I highly recommend Gunn Coble. 

— Rosy M.

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Beth Gunn and Cathy Coble are the most phenomenal attorneys! They represented me in my case against my previous employer and the outcome was more than satisfactory. They were extremely compassionate and professional. Whenever I needed to reach them with a question, they always responded quickly.

They made the whole process so easy and I knew I was in the best hands once I hired them to represent me. I wish I could give them 10 stars. They are just beyond amazing. So glad a friend referred me to them.

I don’t believe any other attorney firm could have delivered the same results. To watch them in action was also remarkable. They are top notch powerhouse attorneys. If you’re being represented by them, you’re very very lucky and I’m sure your experience will be extremely positive as mine was.

— Jacqueline A.

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Brilliant, compassionate and personable.

I write this at the conclusion of a resolved 16-month case. As one would imagine, plaintiff attorneys typically attract clients in the midst of one of life’s valleys. That is where I was two years ago when I met Beth Gunn and Cathy Coble. I was scared, defeated and hopeless. They took the time to educate me on relevant laws. In times of despair, they gave me hope. And, despite maybe more rewarding paths, they always without a hiccup pursued the strategy that took best care of my mental health. It was an honor to witness their expertise through depositions and court appearances. And, as grueling as lawsuits can be … I know I couldn’t have been in better hands.

I am forever grateful to have had Beth Gunn and Cathy Coble in my corner. 

— Jaime H.

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Beth and Cathy are smart, patient, and strategic attorneys. They are champions for women and for fairness in the workplace.

— Coreen R.

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